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About us

By the Grace of God in October 2009, this prayer line ministry was started for the Glory of God. With a view to spread the Gospel and to intercede in prayer for the needy, to uplift the heart-broken, a dedicated team of EL-Shaddai Prayer partners are touching the lives of many with in a short period of time, thus fulfilling the commission of our Lord.

EL-Shaddai Prayer Line Ministry intends to bring the hearers, the answer to their daily physical, emotional and spiritual needs to be met from the throne of Grace. To bring Peace of God and healing from our Lord Jesus Christ who is always available to all who seek Him. El-shaddai prayer line is truly a bible based faith ministry caters to all the malayali community every where. I have received this 24 hour operational free telephone line for prayer and word ministry and dedicated on Nov.14,2009 Saturday morning by Rev.T.C.Mathew, named El-shaddai prayer line ministry. Since then two sessions are being conducted, Daily morning 9:00 AM (except sunday) and 8:00PM. Please pray, support and introduce others to this ministry, so that we can reach and win more souls for the kingdom of God.

El-shaddai prayer line ministry is consists of ordinary people who serve an extra ordinary God. God has called us to have a loving relationship and to serve Him in different capacities in our malayali community. Ever since it's inception, the Hand of God been with this ministry in every aspect. By the Grace of God attendees in this prayer line is increasing everyday. We believe that the Holy scriptures are the revealed will of God, the all sufficient rule for faith and practice. We believe in the one true Living God, who is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. He reveals to mankind as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Son, Lord Jesus Christ, came to this world in human form to save mankind from sin and give eternal life. There is no other salvation in any other, but through the atoning death of the Lord Saviour Jesus Christ. He is the Healer of the body, soul and spirit, the baptizer in the Holy Spirit, and is coming soon to receive them who prepare and wait for Him. As a full gospel ministry, we believe in all the fundamental practical doctrines of the Holy Bible.

Late Rev. A C George
Founder, India Gospel Mission